Serving Consumers Nationwide

The attorneys of Green & Noblin, P.C., prosecute class actions and private actions nationwide on behalf of a wide range of clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality legal representation on a contingency fee basis.

Our typical client is someone who has experienced deceptive or abusive business practices in the areas of personal financial services, insurance, telecommunications or in the sale of products or securities. Typical wrongdoers are credit card banks that mislead as to terms or fail to deliver the rates promised, mortgage lenders that charge unlawful fees, automobile insurers that charge higher fees than allowed under state law or their contracts, long distance carriers that assess unlawful charges, and manufacturers of defective and dangerous consumer products. We also represent individuals and businesses in cases arising under the antitrust laws.

When an individual contacts us concerning a potential case, we investigate the matter and make appropriate recommendations. If we agree to undertake representation, and the client authorizes us to proceed, we file the case in the appropriate court. We undertake all the costs of the litigation and do not charge the client for our services unless we obtain a recovery. We obtain our fees from the money paid by the defendant at the successful conclusion of each case.

For a partial of some of the many cases our class action attorneys have brought to successful conclusions, click here. Successful outcomes our attorneys have achieved for clients in the past year include:

In Re: Providian Credit Card Cases. In this national class action, Providian credit card customers were alleged to have been improperly charged late fees, higher interest rates on balance transfers, and fees for add-on products, including Credit Protection, PricePro, Drive Pro, HealthPro, and credit line increases. The San Francisco Superior Court has approved a settlement for $105 million, which will cover restitution to Providian customers, “in-kind” payments to customers, and the costs and expenses of the litigation.

MCI Non-Subscriber Rates Litigation, a class action brought on behalf of MCI WorldCom customers who were charged MCI’s high “non-subscriber” or “casual caller” rates for direct-dialed long distance calls (approximately $3 for the first minute and $0.40 per minute thereafter). On March 29, 2001, the Court approved a settlement providing over $90 million in cash.

Brauer v. Primetime 24 Joint Venture and DirecTV, Inc. In this national class action, the Plaintiff sought damages for a class of 900,000 subscribers to satellite TV, whose network programming (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) was cut off after DirecTV and PrimeTime were found to have violated the United States Copyright Act by retransmitting the programming to those subscribers. Under a settlement approved April 2001 and valued at $44 million, the defendants will provide a package of free, premium movie programming to the class.

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