Court Approves Settlement For Over $90 Million In Non-Subscriber Telephone Rates Litigation

Green & Noblin, P.C., is pleased to announce that in In re: MCI Non-Subscriber Telephone Rates Litigation, the Court has approved a settlement providing over $90 million in cash. In this national class action, Plaintiffs, on behalf of themselves and other MCI customers, alleged that while MCI advertised long-distance rates as low as 5 cents per minute, it had improperly charged some of subscribers who accepted its offers non-subscriber rates and surcharges of approximately $3 for the first minute and $0.40 cents for each minute thereafter. In one of the largest settlements of its kind, Class Members who submitted claims were provided with refunds of the amounts they overpaid as a result of being charged non-subscriber rates and surcharges rather than subscriber rates.

The deadline for submitting claims was April 30, 2001. For more information on the settlement and claims process, you may visit, a web site operated under supervision of the Court.