Ford Explorers

THE NOTICES IN THIS SETTLEMENT HAVE BEEN DISSEMINATED AND THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A CLAIM HAS PASSED. In order to make a claim a form must have been submitted by April 29, 2008. 

A toll-free number, 1-866-833-7918, has been established in the case (called Ford Explorer Cases, JCCP Nos. 4226 & 4270), along with a website,, where notices and the settlement agreement may be obtained. Those affected also may write to Ford Explorer Settlement, PO Box 4850, Portland, OR 97208. 

A notice program authorized by California’s Sacramento County Superior Court has issued notices to consumers in California, Illinois, Connecticut, and Texas who bought, owned or leased 1991-2001 model year Ford Explorers about a settlement reached with Ford Motor Company. The settlement resolves class action lawsuits about whether 1991-2001 model year Explorers had a tendency to roll over, whether Ford concealed it, and whether consumers were misled into buying or leasing Explorers and paying more than what they would have had they known about the alleged tendency. These class actions do not concern claims for personal injuries or property damage. The settlement doesn’t mean that any law was broken, and Ford denies all claims of wrongdoing in this case. The settlement includes all persons who fall within any of the following groups:

People and entities, who bought, owned or leased new or used 1991-2001 model year Ford Explorers in California between 1990 and August 9, 2000, and who either (a) currently own or lease the vehicle(s) or (b) sold or whose lease for such vehicle(s) expired or otherwise terminated after August 9, 2000; and who resided in California on March 16, 2006.

All residents of Illinois on September 27, 2004, who purchased, owned, or leased, at any time between 1990 and September 27, 2004, Ford Explorers, model years 1991 through 2001, that are or were equipped with Firestone ATX, ATX II, or Wilderness tires.

All persons who owned or leased 1991-2001 model year Explorers in Texas or Connecticut on August 9, 2000, and who are residents of Texas or Connecticut as of December 5, 2007.

The settlement provides discount certificates worth $500 toward the purchase or lease of a new Ford Explorer or $300 toward the purchase or lease of any other new Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury. Certificates will be valid for 12 months from the date issued. The certificates can be used in conjunction with other Ford offers and incentives, but only one certificate can be used at a time. Until all certificates expire, Ford agrees to make available on its website,, (a) warnings that Ford provides in all Owner’s Guides for its 2007 model year sport utility vehicles regarding the importance of restraint usage by adults and children,driving practices and cargo loading practices to reduce the risk of rollover, and tire safety; (b) downloadable copies of Ford’s publication, “Driving Your SUV or Truck” (formerly referred to as “4-Wheeling With Ford”) that Ford provides with its 2007 model year sport utility vehicles; and (c) a separate publication on tire safety. Ford also will provide on its website instructions on how to obtain extra copies of 2007 Owner’s Guides in both English and Spanish. Details of these benefits are described in the settlement agreement.

The deadline for exclusions and objections was April 3, 2008. The deadline to submit claims was April 29, 2008. Since the settlement is binding, no late claims can be made.