DirecTV & Best Buy

2751890900Green & Noblin, P.C. filed a class action lawsuit against DirecTV and Best Buy for failure to adequately disclose that they consider consumer “purchases” of DirecTV hardware and equipment to be “leased” and therefore owned at all times by DirecTV-eventually to be returned to DirecTV. Green & Noblin, P.C. is also investigating DirecTV’s practice of charging consumers substantial “early termination fees” in connection with its “lease terms,” which consumers do not see until after they have purchased and activated their DirecTV equipment. Additionally, Green & Noblin, P.C. is investigating allegations that some DirecTV subscribers have been billed a monthly service charge of $5.99 for DirecTV’s “Protection Plan” despite the fact that they never signed up for this service. Green & Noblin, P.C.’s investigation of the administration of the “Protection Plan” also includes allegations that subscribers are assessed a $10 administrative fee if they cancel the Plan within the 1-year Plan term, despite never having enrolled in the Plan.

If you purchased DirecTV equipment and have had any of these experiences relating to the assessment of “early termination fees” or unauthorized charges related to the “Protection Plan,” please contact us.